Mom’s Wisdom I Hear Daily (Part 2)

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Mom’s aren’t perfect. Every family is dysfunctional. (Have you ever known a perfectly functional one?) Our mom’s play a HUGE part in creating who we  are today. So, revisiting my mother’s wisdom in Part 1, [...]

3 Quick Wisdoms from My Mom for You (Part 1)

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I’d like to know where Hallmark World is. Apparently it’s better than Disneyland. Mother’s Day in Hallmark World, for instance, is a celebration of warm and fuzzy perfect parenting, unconditional love and support and endless [...]

If you resolved this year to master a new skill, sport or language, right about now you may be hitting a rough patch. Hang in!

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Learning to snowboard was ridiculously frustrating.  After all, I had gotten pretty good at skiing, so why, for an entire day, was I spending so much time with my butt in the snow and my [...]

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