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5 Elements of a Speaker Intro that will Set You Up for Success

2019-09-26T11:38:21-05:00Communication, Confidence, Presentations, Speaking|

I have noticed over the years that I have been speaking and hosting various live events that speakers often treat their Introduction as an afterthought, when in fact it is a first impression! And [...]

How to Build Your Online Identity to Attract Quality Relationships

2019-09-10T12:18:06-05:00Empowerment, Online Identity, Relationships|

The quality of your life (and your business) is founded on the quality of your relationships. So it makes sense that with social media, our newest way of connecting (in our overall development as [...]

Are You an Introvert Who Wants to Speak? You Can Rock it!

2019-08-29T10:04:30-05:00Boundaries, Confidence, Courage, Happiness, Presentations|

As an introvert myself I take this topic seriously. First, let’s defuse the perceived notion that introverts are happiest living as a recluse making dream catchers for cats and never seeing another human. (ok, mostly [...]

Talk to Strangers (Millennials this means you)

2019-05-09T09:56:11-05:00Communication, Company Culture, Human Connection, Leadership, Millennials, Networking|

Our moms may have once said, “Don’t talk to strangers.”  I think we have taken that too far. Listening to a podcast for the few minutes home from the gym today, I had an emotional [...]

Pro Speaking Tip. Set Yourself Up for Success Before You Say a Word

2019-04-24T14:46:49-05:00Confidence, Presentations, Speaking|

You may think your presentation starts when you take the microphone. While it might seem so, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to “tune in” your audience before you say a word. [...]

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