It’s Okay to Steal but Don’t Imitate

2018-11-05T21:29:04+00:00 Confidence, Overcoming the tough stuff, Sharing Your Story, Speaking, Transformation|

It’s okay to steal from others sometimes in your marketing, we all do in some way, but imitating another will end up hurting you... and not necessarily how you might think. I’ll start appropriately enough, [...]

Myth Busting – Tell Your Story Already

2018-11-05T21:29:14+00:00 Confidence, Presentations, Sharing Your Story, Speaking|

If you are an entrepreneur or working within a company that allows you to market and brand yourself, then your story is the MOST important thing in your marketing tool box! It will make you [...]

Mom’s Wisdom I Hear Daily (Part 2)

2018-05-11T18:47:56+00:00 Character, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Gratitude, Happiness|

Mom’s aren’t perfect. Every family is dysfunctional. (Have you ever known a perfectly functional one?) Our mom’s play a HUGE part in creating who we  are today. So, revisiting my mother’s wisdom in Part 1, [...]

3 Quick Wisdoms from My Mom for You (Part 1)

2018-05-11T18:41:56+00:00 Character, Confidence, Courage, Gratitude, Happiness|

I’d like to know where Hallmark World is. Apparently it’s better than Disneyland. Mother’s Day in Hallmark World, for instance, is a celebration of warm and fuzzy perfect parenting, unconditional love and support and endless [...]

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