There are moments in life when it’s time to burn our ships.

In 1519, Hernan Cortez arrived in the New World with 600 men.
Outnumbered by far by the local inhabitants,
It was tempting to keep a plan B:

Cortez burned the ships.
Forcing them to forge ahead.

Every so often it serves us to do the same.
Burn the ship called Past Failures
Burn the ship known as Bad Habit
And the ship by the name of Shame

Anyone who has experienced abuse
Knows that shame is the number one tool
To dismantle self-esteem.
And prevent us from
Stepping into our Design
And achieving what we dream of.

The enemy loves this ship.
(I can picture him polishing the deck
so the reflection captures out attention)

One of my favorite ways to end retreats
Is to have guests write something
They will leave behind (a belief).
Then we burn those papers in a fire pit.

I’ve seen a  woman
Reaching into the fire with her bare hands
To make sure that sucker didn’t escape the flames!

She was determined to commit to her plan A!

What ship will you burn
So there is no return?

I suggest creating a visual representation
Of its destruction
Like the fire pit ritual.

I invite you to respond with the name of your ship
And how you feel it has held you back to keep it in the harbor.
(I will not share your response)

Why respond?

  1. Naming your ship brings certainty. (for you)
  2. You will be helping me to create future newsletters to target the most common “ships” in our community! (for others)
  3. I may have a technique or ritual to help you, I’ll respond with that!

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