Communication and Leadership…

Made stronger through an extraordinary experiential training with horses.

Transform your leadership with your own exclusive retreat with horses for 1-30 people

Leadership Retreats with Horses.

These exclusive country retreats  are designed to create space for the leader in you to breath and reset; to remember your design and brilliance that is your true identity.  Leadership lessons from the herd are delivered in a safe environment and will transform  how you relate to others both at work and at home in a multitude of ways. From personal boundaries to team work, self-care to quality connections and conversations. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of greatness on the planet by reminding modern professionals how it feels to lead securely with authenticity, compassion, intuition and powerful effectiveness!  (*groups are small by design;  8-20 people)

A short video from previous participants

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Practice regulating your energy for response, not reaction, in a safe environment.

  • Reveal blind spots in self-leadership that may be burdening your journey to success.

  • Hone your superpower of intuition for more definitive decision-making.

  • Learn to enrich relationships at work and home by clarifying boundaries.

  • Build trust without words in  team work ( your horse is part of your team).

  • Learn techniques for mental self-care and clear focus = increased productivity!

  • Have some time to play!

It is a retreat, so we treat you to a continental breakfast, Farm-to-Table lunch and  free gifts;)

We have plenty of staff to make sure your needs are met throughout the day.

To make this day most impactful we also include support calls with further trainings and Q and A time, to assist in implementing your new insights!  (Two Group follow up support calls and one personal support call)

You might be wondering…What’s the day look like?

(Yes, we have a plan!)

  • 9:00 am – 9:15 am – Continental breakfast served in the barn Registration.
  • 9:20 am – 11:15 am – Introduction of the day. Intuition and leadership. Choosing equine partners.
  • 11:15 am -12:45 pm – Session one with Horses. Each person or team builds their relationship with their equine partner.
  • 12:45 pm – 1:35 pm – Lunch break. Farm to table catered lunch under the oak trees with a local chef presiding.
  • 1:35 pm – 1:50 pm – Guided quiet time for participants.
  • 1:50 pm – 2:15 pm – Authentic core leadership… how it shows up with an equine partner.
  • Quick break.
  • 2:30 pm – 4:10 pm – Session 2 with Horses. Each works with their equine partner to a goal.
  • 4:10 pm- 4:45pm – Ceremonial close of the day

Option to join us at a casual celebratory dinner locally.

Within one week we have the first of two follow up calls and you are welcome to schedule a private on-to-one call for personal support to implement the insights from the day.

Thanks Sandra! The team and I absolutely loved the experience you created for us. Thank you for being light hearted and full of energy. I’ll def be recommending you to my colleagues.


Please call directly to schedule this coaching or to learn more 310-920-9932.

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Here’s what people are saying…

We do not ride the horses during these experiences, but work with the horses as a partner on the ground in a professionally facilitated session. No experience with horses is necessary.  In fact, we’ve had guests that are fearful of horses, and sometimes they have the most extraordinary experiences, so fear not! You can benefit from listening to a horse!

Why? A species that has survived for millions of years, horses are excellent readers of energy and thus offer immediate feedback to their human counterpart.  They react to a shift in us, so when we make the slightest adjustment in our approach to them, we see the consequences play out instantly.   This can help us to become more attuned to how we approach our human relationships.

It almost seems like magic, but we didn’t pull this from our imagination, and there is no slight of hand. These sessions are based on science.  Horse assisted psychotherapy is becoming more recognized because of it’s incredible effectiveness; the equine program we offer may have some therapeutic benefits, for sure, but we are specifically focused on helping brilliant humans shine even brighter in their lives as bosses, leaders in their community and family by helping them become more confident and aware of what they are capable of achieving.

Lessons from the herd transform self-leadership as well as work and personal relationships

  • Get reacquainted with the feeling of being simply present and not overwhelmed by circumstances.
  • Take-away practices that will help to refocus the mind in seconds.
  • Learn quickly what your body language and energy are saying about you!
  • Experience enforcing boundaries in relationships to create a feeling of emotional safety for all.
  • Discover your blind-spots in approaches to problem solving.
  • Learn to trust intuition for clear decision-making.
  • Of course, empowered confidence is inevitable when you get a large animal to agree to work with you!

At our events, each individual has a different experience, but always an honest and enriching one.

Questions… reach out!

I was wanting to face my fear of horses that I had from a Traumatic event when I was a young girl. And then I had an extraordinary experience at the Charismatic Cowgirl event with Sandra Dee and now I am forever changed and restored to the love of horses that I once knew many years ago. But even more than that I discovered through my communion with the horse that the lack of self-confidence in many areas of my life- was robbing me of my joy. Thank you Sandra Dee for this amazing opportunity, for not only me, but for anyone who is lacking confidence in any area of their life- this opportunity is truly transformational!!            –KR

Thank you! I found my voice! I’ve learned to deal with difficult people.
I’ve changed the dynamics.

–Wendy C., Business Coordinator

I had such a revelation! I have already shared my experience with others so many times… sometimes we need to lead from the front, but others, we lead from the back, and then remember to back off and let them fly. I’ve been working too hard!

—Megan C., Chief Communications Officer

A few images from past events

It’s amazing!…I am still seeing new things learned from those horses every day!

–Di K., Insurance Executive

“I’ve been studying these animals and others as well since I could read! I’ve worked closely with wildlife, exotics and good ‘ol domesticated dogs and cats. I am still fascinated with what the natural world can teach us, if we know how to listen properly.

Now, I’m thrilled to have the honor to provide the opportunity for others to experience this life-changing wisdom that comes from nature in the form of majestic and yet so perceptive, horses.”

– Sandra Dee