Years ago, for a short time, I moonlighted in my acting career
Tried a hand at
Casting actors for commercials.

HUGE perspective shift!
I witnessed the impact of the “It” factor:

You know,
That hard-to-describe “THING”
that we attribute to pop culture biggies,
Like Taylor Swift, Oprah, Ronald Reagan
and Halle Berry for example.

In my position as Casting Director for the day
I was  taxed to find an actor with the elusive high level
of this “THING”
That would keep viewers’ eyes on them!

(More eyes on the screen means more product sold
In the commercial.)

What does it mean for you? 
Does the It factor really matter
Outside of the TV world?

Heck yes!

Sure, actors with Charisma get booked more often,
But, also
More opportunities in business,
(More sales for instance)
Will go to those people that seem to exude
Warmth and competence…

That’s the “THING”
The IT factor.

It’s the magnetic force
That draws our eyes and hearts
To an individual.

Here’s the thing:
You can learn it.

There are easy things you can do
starting right now to significantly up your
“It Factor!”

Here’s one you can practice immediately:
Eye contact.

Keeping eye contact in a conversation
Says to the other person
That you are present.
(If I allow something to catch my eye when speaking to someone
I usually will apologize to let them know I am still with them in the moment)

Eye contact from stage:
Start with this,
Two solid seconds of delivering your message to one person,
then two solid seconds looking at the eyes of another while you are speaking.

I’ve seen this work magic in a room!

How about, eye contact through a camera?
Looking straight in to the lens while you are speaking
Actually will elicit a feeling of being seen
To those watching on the other side.

Intellectually, we know that’s impossible
But if it helps the other person to feel seen
Then it is increasing your charisma…
your IT factor just got magnified!

Give this a try, and let me know what feedback you get!

I’m here,
Sandra Dee 

PS: If you’d like some clarification on this, contact me and I’ll set up a 15 min mini session with you to get you clear on this one thing.
(free to my community members)