Korczak Ziolkowski 
may not be a household to name
to most people
But he devoted his life to one project that
you most likely do recognize.
Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear commissioned Ziolkowski
in 1948 to
Carve into a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota
and honor the famous war leader, Crazy Horse.

Korczak devoted over 30 years of his life to this 563 foot-high statue
(And his family continues the project since his death in 1982)

Near the end of his life, he was asked about dedicating his entire life to one project,
His answer:
When your life is over, the world will ask you only one question:
‘Did you do what you were supposed to do?’”

Author and personal growth leader, Brendon Burchard asks his future self, “Did I matter?”
Speaker, Les Brown devotes his life to “Not leaving one gift ( from God) inside me.”
Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Are you doing what you are “supposed” to do?
Are you listening to what’s in your heart, or
Are you rationalizing and going around that same mountain for
the third, fourth or 10th time.

Here’s what I learned
I’ve circled around the mountain.
I’ve walked it,
Biked it
and even driven around it in fancy cars,
but the scenery was always the same.

Maybe you know what I mean.

I’m grateful that I was blessed with mentors, coaches, preachers and friends that helped me to
Blow through the comfort zones when I needed to
(and, we always need to 🙂 )

Here’s the thing,
God cannot bless you with something different
In your life
If you keep doing what you’ve always done.

Bottom line:
If you are in a time of transition,
Embrace it wholeheartedly.
You have new scenery (results) coming up!

If you are ready to step out of a comfort zone into something new
Get ready for an adventure.  And keep your eye on the prize:

What are you supposed to do here on the planet?

Who do you need to meet to help you accomplish your next step?
who do you need to BE in order to step into your Design right now?

If this message whiffs by your conscious mind and doesn’t blow your sail,
Totally fine.
If something I’ve said here resonates,
Sticks with you, then
I feel called to offer a 15 min call with you to share one tip toward your next step
(even if it’s clarifying what that step is)
Set that up here: https://calendly.com/sandradee/15-min-mini-session

PS. Did you know that Ziolkowski’s family expects to finish the Crazy Horse Monument in 2050?  That’s almost a century since it was begun!   Even if what you are supposed to do is to leave a legacy that lives on after you, listen to that calling and take a step today.