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Work With Sandra Dee

With Sandra’s background in entertainment, I was at first unsure of her ability to relate to a scientist from a very academic background and then her versatility indicated that she was perhaps one of the most worldly and adaptable people in any consulting industry.

Dr. Jordan Schaul, National Geographic / Huffington Post Contributor, Animal Trainer, Former Curator Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Sandra Dee Robinson coached me to an elevated and powerful vision during a transitional time. The framework she provided clarified my Story of Origin, along with a powerful and expansive global vision. Each time Sandra Dee offers input, it is authentic, honest, and empowering.

Sheryl Lynn, @JOYELYStudios - Founder Joyely

Sandra Dee provides tremendous value with our newer sales associates by helping them to gain confidence around WHO they are, not just WHAT they do.

Chris Clement, Director of Corporate Sales Training & Development at Shaw Industries

If you are ready to up your game, if you are ready to change the world, if you are ready to stand your ground and be confident in your message then this is the woman that you need. I promise you, that it is the best investment you can make in your life and career. She rocks!

Felicia Scott, Speaker/Author, winner of North America’s Next Greatest Speaker 2012

Sandra …clarifies your message in a way that would be impossible for me to do myself! Sandra’s help in this arena has opened the doors for my products in a way that might never have been possible!

Kelly Forman, CEO Founder of Mop Top Hair Products

 I found my voice! I’ve learned to deal with difficult people. I’ve changed the dynamics.

Wendy C., Business Coordinator

Become a loving leader.  Learned that from a horse!

Jessica Campos, CEO Marketing for Greatness

I learned how to lead with calm energy, a little less frenetic.  It was great insight, and learning I can do it, it’s a big deal

Barbara Van Dyke, Realtor

Sandra will not only show you how to have a powerful personal presence, but she will also show you how to positively change lives with your message!

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” Author of the Top-Selling Book, “Millionaire Success Secrets”, Founder of

Sandra Dee is a true expert when it comes to powerful personal presence (on or off camera), confident communication and leadership.

Megan Tull, CEO of Silverlining Concepts, LLC

Sandra is one of the most professional people I know! She will make you look great sound great and be the best you are! I’ve seen her do her magic with many and you’re in good hands!!

Jill Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist

Get in touch (or reacquainted) with your authentic voice and begin to increase your influence with a SIGNED copy of Sandra Dee’s book, IMPACT!

Whether you are a Speaker, TV Guest Expert, Show Host, Leader in Sales or want to network your business with outstanding effectiveness, this book will increase your self appreciation and empower your boldness to explore new opportunities to present yourself or your business.

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