Did you ever notice that nature doesn’t play small?

There is not a tree to be found
that holds itself back in the shade.
The branches reach for the sky.

That’s Nature’s Law of Expansion

And it’s where we humans can be lawbreakers.

We break a law that is good for us, too.

We play small.

Just for today (to start)
When you set a goal,
Go bigger.

*Filling a workshop that you’ve done before with 15 people?
This time
Plan for and call in 30 beautiful souls.

*Hesitating on a new hire to your team
Even though you know
You can get more done with less on your plate?
Start the process today.


*Are you waiting to say yes to a big opportunity?
Like speaking to a great audience?
Stop waiting.
Say yes.
Ask for support if you need to.

I’m here.