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How to Survive Quitters Day (Beat the odds and keep your resolutions)

Right about now, your New Year’s resolutions may be becoming a struggle. Is this normal? Despite what curiosity did to the proverbial cat, I do let it lead me down rabbit holes (kind of a nerdy adrenaline rush). So, I dove into researching resolutions and the average length of time we stay dedicated to them. [...]

No more Facebook Lives?

Have we lost faith in the largest social media giant? Are FB Lives losing their luster? If sites like, and report that one quarter of American Facebook users have deleted the app from their phone and well over 2.8 million users under 25 have left it altogether, it would seem that putting our [...]

Do your branding photos give a good first impression?

Your photo is quite often the first impression someone has of you.  It’s your social media face, and your print marketing personality for business cards and postcards. What your photo says matters, a LOT. And how often do you get to make a first impression?  (You’ve got this answer, I know you do.) If a [...]

How to be Intentional from the Boardroom to the Bedroom

How to be Intentional from the Boardroom to the Bedroom with Sandra Dee and Jan Goss Sandra Dee Robinson talks with Jan Goss Gibson, Founder of Show Up Well, Author of Protocol Power, and leading expert in Personal Excellence . They discuss how to be intentional in marriage . Tips from the boardroom to [...]

Are you lucky or intentional?

Is your current state of life and business a result of “luck” “perseverance” or “Intention”? Chances are, if you said “Luck” in any percentage, then you are living at Effect… meaning you allow outside circumstances to have the creative power over what happens in your life.  You give up control. The option is to live [...]

Your Presentation Doesn’t Start with You

You may think, as most people do, that when you take the spot in front of the room that your presentation begins. Truth is, your presentation doesn’t start with you at all.  It starts with your introduction.  It’s your real “first impression” on the audience that day.  We all know you don’t get a second [...]

The Simplest Way to Structure Your Story

Your Story isn’t Perfect. That’s why it’s beautiful and powerful. “We are drawn to the brokenness in each other.” Words spoken to me by an acting coach when I was absolutely obsessed (wouldn’t admit it then) with trying to be “perfect.” That focus on an unachievable state was not only hurting my career, (and bank [...]

Hidden Hazards in Your Sunscreen

What you don’t know could be hurting you and the environment Wait!  Before you slather, even if you are careful about choosing the labels that says, “natural” or “dermatologist recommended”  …read on. If you are like most Americans, (80%) you buy sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer and sun damage, thinking you are doing a [...]

Mom’s Wisdom I Hear Daily (Part 2)

Mom’s aren’t perfect. Every family is dysfunctional. (Have you ever known a perfectly functional one?) Our mom’s play a HUGE part in creating who we  are today. So, revisiting my mother’s wisdom in Part 1, I become even more aware of Mom’s influence on my daily thoughts. Comments that used to elicit a rolling-of-the-eyes became [...]

3 Quick Wisdoms from My Mom for You (Part 1)

I’d like to know where Hallmark World is. Apparently it’s better than Disneyland. Mother’s Day in Hallmark World, for instance, is a celebration of warm and fuzzy perfect parenting, unconditional love and support and endless memories of dress-up and tea parties. In my world, though, my mother and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye, and at [...]

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