Our word choices can help to create connection,
Or they can repel people away.

How do our word choices make us feel?
What if the words that come out of our mouth
(sometimes words and phrases we don’t even think about)
Are at any time lifting our spirits up,
Or bringing us down?

Keep in mind, if the words bring us down,
Then, in a conversation with another person
We would be bringing them down a notch, too, right?

I believe when we know better,
We do better

I’d like to invite you to a game with your mind and your vocabulary
That can show you exactly what I mean.  It’s simple.

Actually, it’s just two words:


I can admit, I never knew how often I said those words
To myself and
To others
Until I was tasked with logging them.
I actually chose to place a checkmark on a paper when I said them.

Maybe you say,
“Id love to go have drinks with you guys, but I
Have to
Pick up the kids.”

“I have to go to the grocery store this afternoon.”

“I have to leave early today”

“I have to go…”

Pretty common language for most people, right?

What happens when I suggest that the words, “Have to” connote a forced action,
or undesirable activity to endure,
or signify being a victim of circumstance.


Picking up kids is a blessing.
So is having the resources to buy food
And instead of “Have to “leave early.. perhaps
you simply intend to get to your next appointment on time.

Can you see the difference?
The alternative words will then reframe
what you “Have to” do!
Putting you in a state that is more responsive
to good things coming your way!
you demonstrate stronger self-leadership!

I’d LOVE to know what happens for you when you just focus on replacing these two words!

If you haven’t experienced the branding sessions with me yet (or want to do it again) here’s a way you can check it out  https://sandradeerobinson.com/branding/

Or heck, just respond here with any questions and I’ll tell you more 🙂