No more Facebook Lives?

Have we lost faith in the largest social media giant? Are FB Lives losing their luster? If sites like, and report that one quarter of American Facebook users have deleted the app from their phone and well over 2.8 million users under 25 have left it altogether, it would seem that putting our [...]

Myth Busting – Tell Your Story Already

If you are an entrepreneur or working within a company that allows you to market and brand yourself, then your story is the MOST important thing in your marketing tool box! It will make you stand out in a crowd. It will magnetize those to you that you most want to work with. It influences [...]

Your Presentation Doesn’t Start with You

You may think, as most people do, that when you take the spot in front of the room that your presentation begins. Truth is, your presentation doesn’t start with you at all.  It starts with your introduction.  It’s your real “first impression” on the audience that day.  We all know you don’t get a second [...]

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