A tell can destroy a sale.

What is a tell?

It comes at the point where a presenter asks for the sale.
The money part.

Even if the PowerPoint rocked and the speech was engaging, if there is a hesitation,
a shift in weight,
a clearing of the throat,
or one of many other physical representations of discomfort,

The audience will sense something is lacking
in the presenter’s confidence about their value.

Chances are, they would be correct.

I think we all have had the feeling of being anxious about asking for a sale.
It happens when we increase our prices
Or when a lot is riding on the answer being a “yes.”

Even if intellectually we know the price is fair,
Something in us stills up unease.
And it shows.

So, how to you avoid the “tell”?

Avoiding an opportunity to increase your business is obviously not the answer!

There is deep work that can be beneficial around asking your worth, but today
I’m going to show you, a “hack”

This will get you through the ask with confidence. Qucikly.

Here’s how it works, ‘
I’ll use a client as a real-life example.

She is a social media coach
Working with individuals her package pricing was near $5000.

The opportunity to pitch to  a corporate account arose,
And this would be a big jump in her revenue.
A door opener to more corporate clients.
After carefully planning her approach she settled on a fair price for this package as $15,000.
She couldn’t speak it without a “tell.”
She was terrified.
All she seemed to focus on was that tis number was triple what she was currently asking!

Her meeting with the CEO, Mr Jones, we’ll call him,
Was in 2 days.

She nailed it.

Here’s how:

I asked her to repeat this phrase back to me,
Mr Jones, the investment for the package I just showed you is just $30,000

She freaked (technical term).
No!  NO!  It’s $15,000!

I know.”  I said.  Repeat what I just said.

She struggled but eventually got the words out before we parted.

I asked her to repeat that phrase aloud to herself
Whenever she was not engaged in conversation with another person.

In the car (no radio)
In the shower
Walking the dog
Brushing her teeth
Especially, before she drifted off to sleep.

Say it until she was sick and tired of hearing herself.
Say it hundreds if not thousands of times.

The day of the presentation, she nearly giggled as she said
Mr Jones, the investment for the package I just showed you is just …$15,000!
Her brain had adjusted to the “normalcy” of the higher number, and she spoke the actual pricing now as if $15,000 was a bargain!

Totally confident.

Again, this is a “hack.”  There is valuable solid work to be done to confidently ask your worth, and this will not replace that, but it WILL work in the short term if you dedicate yourself to at least 24 hours of this process.

I know it works because I’ve used it!

P.S.  If you are ready to ask higher pricing with absolute confidence respond here with the best day/ time ( and time zone) to reach out to you.  Let’s talk about making that happen.