It was a 60th birthday.
We sat pondering a most perplexing question

What do you get the person who has everything he needs,
and what he wants he buys for himself?

Here is the rabbit hole of thought my hubby and I  went into:
What’s more valuable than money?
60 years…
60 minutes…
1 Minute = 60 seconds…

“That’s it!” Allen said,
“I have a vintage stop watch.”

The same watch had been what Allen and his sisters had been timed with while
In swim competitions as kids.
Our friend loves competition and
Just got a new toy that he is ready to take to the track:)

Problem solved!

More than a practical gift,
the vintage stopwatch is a reminder that
each minute, each second counts.
Immeasurable are the moments within
The days that make us who we are

The same week we celebrated our friend’s 60th,
we lost another friend unexpectedly.
Maybe that is why we both gravitated to the deeper meaning of the
Small gift we gave.

Here’s the thing:
Procrastination does not stop the clock
Any more than the button on the stopwatch
Stops the time.

Every day we make decisions,
Some conscious
Some by rote,
About how we invest our precious time.
I encourage you this week,
To tackle something that scares you a little.

Step out of the comfort zone
The good stuff happens on the other side.
That applies to relationships
As well as business!

Yes, time is more valuable than money
So is a sense of accomplishment.

I set a timer to write these emails:
25 minutes and then I promise myself to walk away
(Otherwise, I would procrastinate
like crazy
over it being perfect!)
I hope my 25 minutes speaks to you today.

I’d be honored if I can help you to take the next steps
in your life journey
To explore outside of that comfort zone
In speaking, on camera or in the daily leading of your team.
That’s my brilliance.
Please don’t wait to step into YOUR brilliance.

(Shoot back to me what you will do this week to step out of a comfort zone.  I’d love to know)

Tik toc…

I’m here,

Sandra Dee