I have been having a lot of conversations about
Transitions in life
And how some people
Navigate with ease
And others have serious trouble stepping into something new.

We humans have a tendency is to see transitions
as problems rather than opportunities
for learning and growth.
It’s our nature.
But we can do better!

Whether we choose the change
(marriage, motherhood or a move),
Or the change shows unexpectedly
(loss of a spouse, a home or employment),
We can consciously choose to look at the changing landscape
Making a decision to see an adventure, a chance to grow
Personally, spiritually or financially.

Here’s the thing,
Studies have shown that resistance to something new
actually causes
more stress, disrupted sleep and overall anxiety
than acceptance!

Who wants that?

It is healthy to realize there may be a sense
That you have less control
More uncertainty and
You may feel vulnerable.

it is twice as beneficial to realize
That God may have something
Bigger and better for you
That cannot occur in your current circumstance.

I always say, when I make a solid plan
God looks down and laughs.
Like… a big belled, roaring, knee-slapping laugh.

I am no longer surprised when my plans are thwarted.
I may not always like it, at first!
But here are five things that I commit to during times of transition, and I invite you to try, too:

  • Acknowledge your fear of change without judging it.
  • Surround yourself with people who you know will support you through change.
  • Share your gratitude for them and for all the things that are happening FOR you.
  • Commit to working out and/or meditating.It’s so easy to skip self-care, but not only does our human body work more efficiently when we are physical but our mind benefits, too. It’s easier to regulate our emotions!
  • Embrace your dynamic nature. You are Designed to adapt!  Remember times in the past where something unexpected took you on a wonderful journey. Remind yourself, change was good!

One more thing! Learn something. Even if the path ahead is only lit a short distance right now, learning a new skill can keep your mind focused on growth and possibilities!

Bottom line; You cannot take an old mindset into a new level of blessing!