“I am the least qualified to do this, truly,” she shyly said.

The woman sitting across from me has a big dream.
The non-profit she is starting will help hundreds and eventually, thousands
Of women trying to overcome the effects of sexual trauma.

Her dream includes horses in a therapeutic role
(Hence the reason we are talking).

She goes on to explain that she felt comfortable
In her previous work roles
Where she was in the background supporting others
(I liken it to, “herding cats” in admin support)

But stepping into visible leadership with this big idea
reaching out to potential supporters,
(Like me… )
This has been breaking the walls of her comfort zone.

The thing is, she feels called.
And she hasn’t quit.
I call her brave.

Bravery is feeling the fear
And doing it any way.

If you feel that your big dream scares you a bit… (great!
If it doesn’t, maybe it’s not big enough!)
If you have ever felt that you weren’t qualified…
Consider.. it’s true that God doesn’t call the qualified
He qualifies the called!

This humble woman
Who is still healing herself
Has set up her non-profit solidly (using her admin skills)
And she is heart-driven to help others like her…
Maybe because of this
She has attracted supporters and partners
That have “surprised” her with their abilities
and willingness!
She’s doing it!
Along the way…

She is becoming qualified in ways she couldn’t imagine
When she started!

He qualifies the called.

Much of the private coaching I do
Is with those that never intended
To be front and center
And, find they are required to take the spotlight.
They are pulled to make a difference.
They are called.
Maybe you are, too.

I’m here,

Receive this encouragement or share it.

P.S. The feeling of “not being qualified” is directly related to our human tendency to compare. Here’s a related article: Breaking Up With Comparison