Today I pondered an idea that we have nearly all been exposed to, yet,somehow I think it’s necessary for someone today.

It may be you, it may be someone you know. (If so, please share)

“And whatever you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matt 21:22

The idea of “ask, believe and receive!” has permeated culture in many ways, under many teachers.

Here’s the thing:
There is crucial element that many people miss here.

Asking is not first.
BELEIVING is first.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

If there is something eluding you…
A goal that seems to be still too far away
Despite your hard work,
vision boards
and all tricks and tips applied:

Try this:
Check your belief.
I mean, sit and really check.
DO YOU SEE and KNOW, without wavering, that what you seek is possible?

If you picture what you desire, and immediately you hear a voice in your mind scoff,
“HOW do you think that can possibly happen?”
Entertaining that thought for even a second, creates fear, worry and doubt.
Belief is gone.

(Funny thing that helped me: I started thinking of belief like being pregnant;
you either are, or you aren’t.
There is no middle ground.)

As far as the “voice” that needs to be shut up… I’ll have more to say in the next message,
But for now

EVERY thought begins to create your reality. 
EVERY thought.
Now, that freaked me out for a moment!
But no need to panic.

The more evaluation of your thoughts you do,
the easier it becomes to recognize and overthrow those thoughts that are not in alignment.

When we know better,
We do better, right?
So of course, we can THINK better!

It might be helpful to reread the scripture above in different versions, or
reread Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich.

Quieting the limiting thoughts with the conscious mind is an almost impossible task.  The fastest way to silence the old nay sayer in your head is to consult a coach.   Best to choose a coach that has overcome some serious naysaying themself!  ( Ah hem..).

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