It’s a humbling reality that
It is often our perception of a situation, our interpretation,
That increases our level of anxiety about it

Good news; There are easy things we can do
to change how we see our situation that causes us stress.

Much like marketing works
On your subconscious mind
To make you think you are hungry, when
You weren’t-so-much before you saw
The billboard with the burger dripping with sauce…

Placing something in your visual field that
Reminds your brain about your goals
Fuels your desires and focus
Hence, Vision Boards are built every year!
But wait!  There’s more!

Here’s the hack!

Don’t throw out the old vision board!
MOVE the things you accomplished to a

Here’s why:
It’s so easy to feel that
We “should” be further along,

To be reminded of what you have
Friggin’ got done is a most effective reset of your perspective!

Hint:  I make my vision boards on corkboard with push pins.
That way I can move my goal images to my success board once I accomplish them!

Create your success board with images from all years past
Every time you’ll look at it
It will remind you to dream bigger
And trust
That what you seek is on it’s way to you.

For example,
On my success board is my farm (complete with the same fencing!)
My last 2 vintage trucks (I’m a car girl)
And a photo of a next-level certification in equine-assisted learning
That I am proud to have completed!

Build your wins in 2024
On the knowing of what you have already accomplished
And lessen your stress.