Decades of working in front of the camera and on stage have helped me develop the powerful, confidence building communication techniques that I share with others. You too can become this comfortable on camera and delivering your message during presentations, sales pitches, interviews and one-on-one conversations.

Hosting on Camera

Exuding my natural self and owning who I truly am helps me deliver messages with confidence that connect with the audience. My genuine passion for sharing positivity and my ability to effectively communicate with different personality types comes through the camera for maximum impact. I can’t wait to harness my positive energy to help you get the word out about your business, event or cause!

Let’s discuss how my hosting experience can help you make an impact with your audience.

Acting on TV

Taking on a role means understanding the motivations and desires that make a character tick. Being able to empathize with others, respond to someone else’s communication style and tap into what they really want helps me sell a storyline, and it will help you sell yourself.


Speaking on Stage

speaker-reel-soonSandra Dee Robinson is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. Her stories are engaging and her message on powerful personal presence delivers high impact. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for leaders, sales professionals, speakers or any group desiring to improved upon their personal presence.

Nicole Perrotta – Partner, Conflict Transformation Associates, LLC


Live Events

Schedule an intensive one-day seminar that will give your team members the confidence they need to present themselves more powerfully.