Corporate = corpse. Dead words

Picture Maggie
About 2 weeks ago I was asked to review
A bio on social media for a business consultant
Who desired working with small to medium sized businesses,
and was actively looking for new clients.

She described verbally what she did to me on the call,
Why she did it
And her favorite people to work with.
She also spoke of a proud moment when a family business
Was saved because of her efforts.

Her overall demeaner was warm,
He clothing and overall appearance displayed a personal brand of someone
Trustworthy, almost motherly.
Her hobbies focused around tending to plants and animals.
Definitely caring and supportive in all aspects of her life.
Got her pictured?

By stark comparison,
Her current bio was dead words.
Dead as in
Corporate speak.

“Corporate” with the root, “Corpse”
Words that are expected in professional bios,
But evoke to emotion whatsoever.

Here’s the thing:
If you want to speak life into your business,
And intend to attract clients that you LOVE to work with
Corporate speak is not “safe”. It’s deadly.

Make sure you flavor your bio
With your true personality,
Passions and let what lights you up
Shed light on you!

The emotional quotient is sometimes as important
As what you have done when it comes to someone connecting
With you.

Business building happens through quality relationships, not dead words.

Here’s a  tool I use to play with headlines and subject lines and
better emotionally charge the words:

And… it’s FREE!

Sandra Dee

PS. NEED HELP? Concerned about how much personality vs professional speak is in your message or bio, schedule a call with me and I’ll give ONE solid tip to get you flowing.

PPS. “Maggie” is not her real name;) But she is a real, and very lovely talented consultant!