How can we fight the effects of environmental stress?
for Californians this week,
That is defined literally,
as the ground under their feet gave way
in mudslides and earthquakes.

The rest of us have our own environmental stresses
that seem to only be more intense with every minute
we spend in news media.

So how can we find peace?
Stoics believe peace is found within.
External things cannot be under our control,
only our reaction to them and our ability to maintain inner peace
will determine our level of happiness.

Interestingly, the Bible says the same thing.
(John 14:27) ” I leave you with a gift -peace of mind and heart”

we make better decisions,
and live in less fear,
engage in more thoughtful  leadership of others
and leading our selves
when we are not in a chaotic state of mind.

At times when peace seems so elusive,
How the heck can we find it?

Do we sit all day, cross-legged,
“ooooohhmmmming” or
repeating mantras?

I mean, it’s an option…
It seems rather dull and painful,

I prefer to access what both the Stoics and the Bible
It’s easy, readily available and free
and I recommend it

(1st, turn the news off)
Spend even a few minutes of your day,
searching for the peace that is in the natural world,
and is also a part of you.
(Same Creator, right?)

I spoke with a wonderful man this week
who quite literally grew up
in part
walking among the animals in Africa
as a child alone.
(not recommended!)
His ability to see peace
and feel the rhythm of nature has never left him.

He is now 77.  An award-winning producer of nature documentaries
and can he find that peace by watching a tree’s branches blow in the breeze.
on a city street.

We can all do that.
It’s in our Design.
Peace is part of us.
I’d love to know if you have ever had an experience that brought you Peace.

Feel free to respond here.