I’ve just returned from a short trip focused on Media and PR…

I was honored to be a guest on Jeffrey Hayzlett’s TV show,

All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlette,
Where we discussed what is expected of a modern leader.

( I’ll give you a first heads-up when that is about to air!)

Then, I had the pleasure of seeing a panel of
Well respected media producers
Critique (offer feedback) on several people’s pitches.

Across the board, one thing was repeated
For every one of them.
( And it’s something I preach as well!)

“Tell us a story.”  They said.

If you are looking to be interviewed
In your pitch and in your interview
Include a super short (30- 60 seconds) version of your story.

Here’s the thing:
Your story helps us to understand WHY we should trust what you are saying.

Now, in general,

  1. Stories engage. Our brains are trained to “tune in” to a tale, since childhood.
  2. Stories sell. While most media frowns on  you presenting a full-on commercial for your business, a well -old story can show how your product or service creates transformation and this will get prospective customers and clients intrigued.

Another tip shared by the panel:
“Show us you want to be a guest to serve others, and not to tell us how great you are. Bring something of value to my audience.”

That said, what story can you tell that will show this aspect of your work
And leave the audience with

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Or action steps to a better life.

If this is interesting to you, reach out and let me know.

There is so much that can be covered to help you prepare for an interview on a TV show, Podcast or panel.  I’m happy to cover more 🙂