Imagine for a few seconds… you never hesitate to engage in a high risk conversation, leadership opportunity… or presentation… of any size.
You know what you want, and what to put forth in order to create it.
What would be different in your life?

I’m Sandra Dee Robinson. Let’s talk about leveraging your time, talents and knowledge to create the life that you planned. One that allows you to make an impact and be free to have fun with those that matter most to you.

Bottom line is, if you are seeking to attract high-end clients and partners. I believe the best way for you to be able to do that: is to be confident that every time you step out front, whether its the boardroom or the stage, in sales conversations, networking even on zoom meetings! What people experience of you is totally congruent with the professional that you are and the change that you desire to make in the world. Always. No matter what.

If you are ready to be seen as the leader of your life and business that you are Designed for, you are in the right place.

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Some of your struggles that you might have right now:

  • You need to build a community… you can’t sell what you’ve got if folks don’t know you are here! I get it, you might be an introvert (like me!), that is not going to stop you!
  • You may have tried to market yourself and watching yourself on video is disheartening… believe it or not even with my acting career, I totally get that! (I’ve helped A lot of people quickly conquer this.)
  • Maybe its time to uplevel, take your business to the global economy and showing up as your best is crucial so whether that means you’re getting on camera, you’re being interviewed in the media or maybe speaking from stage… even keynoting, “winging it” is not an option, and mediocre is not the way you do things… you want to knock it out of the park!


  • Maybe its time to build a team and manage people… a lot is riding on your ability to communicate as a leader. I believe you can be the leader that no one wants to leave… IF you are aligned in your purpose and using your natural most effective communication style.

If anything I said resonates I know I can help you create what you seek. So before you leave this page please grab some time with me it’s free. Let’s discover what you can transform quickly to have you build the life that you really look forward waking up to, that you were Designed to live.

And do it now. Quickness is important… there are so many reasons why procrastination does not serve a human with a heart-felt desire to make an impact… AND you’re already equipped with everything you need or it is on the way to you… it’s time.

Reveal your talents and get your mind working for you!

Click the scheduling link below make sure you make time with me so we can chat and make sure it all happens! See you soon.

Not sure which is the best option for you? Ask!

Natasha Lindor:  “Sandra Dee really helped me to narrow down on key messaging that felt really natural to me.  Turning my big vision into bite-sized key messages.

Pastor Dan Underhill, Cornerstone Church Austin TX:  “Sandra Dee… helped me.. with her systematic approach and understanding how people are hearing me.

“Sandra Dee Robinson coached me to an elevated and powerful vision during a transitional time.  The framework she provided clarified my Story of Origin, along with a powerful and expansive global vision.  Each time Sandra Dee offers input,  it is authentic, honest, and empowering.  She is truly a trusted advisor to JOYELY!  We are at the top of our game because Sandra is bold in her thinking and does not hold back.  I highly recommend her services to all CEOs across the world as they gear up for big change.”

~ Sheryl Lynn

“Sandra Dee is a ROCKSTAR coach! She has the unique ability to see things that are not spoken…As a result of working with her I have become more confident and able to take my business to the next level.”

~ Darlene Willman DTM

“I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Sandra as she provided me with clarity inn my messaging so that I can perform at a higher level. Her ability to navigate through language, emotion and what you want to achieve for yourself and those around you is her place of genius.”

~ Cathy Dimarchos
Global Business Advisor,
Author, 2x TEDx Speaker