In a small coastal town in Brazil, called Laguna
Dozens of men stand in the shallow water with nets.

Just standing.
It looks odd!
But there is a partnership here that has been active for generations;
The fishermen
are waiting for the dolphins to signal
Precisely the moment to throw their nets.

The dolphins coordinate and push the fish toward the shore,
Then clear out, and signal to the men by breaching the surface
That’s when the men will all successfully throw their nets!
(The Dolphins snag the fish that swim back out to avoid the nets
So, yes, they get something out of this).
It’s all about timing.

Here’s the thing:

It occurred to me that
God’s timing is way better than our timing.
And that means in business as well as “life”

We recently lost the venue for our  Horsepowered May retreat.
Yup… 7 months of preparation,
We had every detail completed
And just like that, (no fault of ours)
We have no location!
It seemed a huge set back.

If anything like this has ever happened to you
You might have had an initial response (as I did)
Of panic.
But, surprisingly, a second later,
I had another feeling…
of peace.

Maybe It wasn’t the precise time to “throw the net.”
We won’t stand and do nothing,
We will search for a new venue,
Consider alternative dates…
and I will believe the timing will be perfect.
It’s an opportunity to grow in faith
And trust the nets will be full.

You may have heard, “a set-back can be a set up.”
I believe this is true.
I also believe that if you are launching a new business
Or project and things are being delayed
It’s possible, and actually, healthier to choose peace.

Things can turn out better than you could think or imagine!

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PPS. The story of the Brazil fishermen is from a documentary on animals and empathy: