In the early days of our marriage, I discovered
Allen had a morning ritual that I had some trouble
Getting used to.

His alarm would go off, and
Before I could open my eyes fully,
He would proclaim,
“It’s gonna be a great day!”

Now, I had not yet adjusted to be the morning person I am today,
So my response back then was usually a mumbled,
“Um hummm,” and if I could manage it,
I’m pretty sure there was an eye roll, too.

Turns out,
Allen was onto something.

Something that one of the most visible and influential experts on brain health
Practices himself!
I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Daniel Amen a few years back
and I was admittedly more starstruck that I’d ever been with celebrity!
I’ve been a fan for a long time.

Dr Amen told Jay Shetty on his podcast, that daily practices
Are the best way to maintain brain health.
He personally sets his brain, his subconscious,
To look for, and create good things in the upcoming day by
Saying aloud, “It’s gonna be a great day!”

Sometimes it’s the small habits that can make a huge difference
To program your brain to support you in creation of the life you are Designed to have.

I’ve seen significant impact with habitual brain boosting techniques
For myself as well as my clients.

You can start right, now!
It’s gonna be a great day!

I’m here,
Sandra Dee

PS You can watch the full interview with Jay Shetty and Dr Amen here:

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