“He considered the space between the television set and the children to be holy ground.”

For once, Tom Hanks was not at the helm of an ill-fated ship, plane, or spaceship, but
he transformed into Fred Rogers, a.k.a. “Mr Rogers.”
The feature film was, “A beautiful Day in The Neighborhood.”

Prior to shooting,
Mr Roger’s wife, Joanne, was interviewed about her husband’s unwavering dedication to
hosting and producing his show for 33 years and
teaching his lessons of kindness to generations of children.

“He considered the space between the television and the children to be holy ground,“ she answered.

That got me thinking.
Could it be that we each have a place that
could be considered holy ground in what we do?

Where in the delivery,
or conception,
of your expertise is a sacred space?
A space that you will not compromise.
A space that you protect?

I look at the space between me and my clients as holy ground.
It’s a space given to me to care for
So that the outcome of the time will be the optimum result for each individual.

Even if what you do for work
Is not
What you dream of,
You are placed there today
To do your best.

Here’s the thing:
How might your perspective shift if
You identified this space?

Would you prep differently?
Would you process payment differently?
Would you be less set on the expected outcome?

Hmmm.  That last one may hit home.

Sometimes in that space
something wonderful
and unexpected happens.
It may not be what was in the original agenda,
But is the optimum result in the end.

For instance! My “agenda” for writing today was
To deliver an actionable piece of value.
I honestly didn’t think I’d be quoting one of my
Favorite childhood influencers.

The lessons of Mr Rogers are simple.
Simple can be deep.
And beautiful.

Before the closing credits, Rogers reminded viewers,
“You always make each day a special day.
You know how.
By just being you.
There’s only one person in the whole world that’s like you
And that’s you.”

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for being you.
And because you are reading this in my blog
I know that you have something impactful to do on this planet.
Thank you for doing what it takes to make that happen.

( If that means reaching out for support, I’m here)