When I hosted a product on QVC
I learned what they looked for as
indicators of future success
for a product on their shows
(Note: At the time, they were selling, on average,
1 million dollars worth
Of product per hour. They know how to sell!)

When a product has a creation story
That resonates with their home shopper,
They get excited.

Sure there’s pricing and packaging,
But if that product has a back-story
That gets people emotionally connected…
It’s 90 percent sold right there.

Here’s the thing
For your product or service
You can hone a creation story
That will enroll people emotionally just like
The top products on home shopping networks.

Why do it?
To connect with your ideal buyer,
To enroll investors or distributors.

Here’s a simple 5 step formula:

  1. Life was grand.
  2. Something happened (a problem!)
  3. There was a discovery (by accident, through research, trial and error…)
  4. Now I bring what was created from that discovery to you (your product/service)
  5. So that you (the buyer) can have ______X! and life is grander than before!

You will win or lose this formula on step #3!

Don’t be afraid to use emotional words, like,
I was terrified (That I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family.”
I was embarrassed, (“That my skin looked so bad,” or “I had lumpy gravy.”)

The creation story is a human experience,
Not a corporate journey.

Hope this helps you play bigger!