As an introvert myself I take this topic seriously.

First, let’s defuse the perceived notion that introverts are happiest living as a recluse making dream catchers for cats and never seeing another human. (ok, mostly it’s extroverts that think that.)

Simply explained, “Introvert” or “Extrovert,” refers to how a person recharges their energy.  Our energy buckets all drain down during activity, but some of us refill differently.

Introverts deplete their energy bucket when in a social setting, even when we are enjoying the gathering.  We “refill” in our time alone.

Extroverts, on the other hand, recharge their energy when with other people.

So, how would an introvert handle speaking, say, at a conference, with hundreds or even thousands of people? Isn’t that difficult?

One of my fellow introverts who has spoken all over the world answers that by saying, “Coping mechanisms.”

Indeed, we all need to know ourselves and protect our boundaries so we can maximize our energy that’s in our buckets every day.

“The quality of life is supported by the quality of our relationships,
starting with the one we have with our self.”

Two things that will help:

  1. Load your energy bucket upfront: It pays to prep. Last minute scrambling to finalize the slides for your presentation drains your energy bucket before you even put a foot on the stage.  Plan ahead so you are set days before your speaking engagement.  That way you can sleep well the night before!
  2. Plan recovery time: Know that your bucket will be drained after an event, so allow an appropriate time to rechange.   Even if it’s just a quiet coffee break before the next thing!  As you tune in to your body’s needs, you’ll be able to manage this very effectively! You’ll be more focused, positive and likely to take the next speaking opportunity ASAP.

Management of personal energy before and after any presentation is the secret that I discovered the hard way; after my first three-day event, I nearly collapsed and took a week to recover!   If this bit of information is helpful to you or to someone you know, please share!  Empower someone to speak their valuable message to the world.