She is a tiny thing. I’m thinking she can’t be more than 85 pounds soaking wet so how does she see over the podium she just told me she stands behind?
Her boss has sent her to me, saying he thinks she needs to be “more commanding” from the stage.
At 4’11.”
Ah ha.
Trying to get to the bottom of the real problem, I venture a guess-ask, “Are you white-knuckling the podium while you’re out there?”
She grows a full inch in height and her eyes widen as she answers quickly in her soft voice, “Oh yes!”

And there it is.
Yet another buried identity trying to masquerade as some else’s idea of who they are expected to be.

In this case, as in many I see, a boss has set unrealistic expectations on the employee to perform in. a way that is not congruent with her natural communication strengths

To be clear, I am NOT saying that a small person cannot “command” a stage (In fact this woman will go on to do just that.)

She never intended to be in the spotlight, but her career trajectory has lead her to this exact spot. Maybe that’s familiar for someone here…
Now she’s center stage…Where she has now been told to be someone else. Entirely.
She has her own style of leadership that has gotten her this far, and now she is under-minded (quite literally) by a superior in her company and she is, understandably, faltering.

Both parties lose in this scenario here…
the boss.. because she is not living her potential…
And she will lose … because
Unless you’re in the business of aiming for an Oscar (highly overrated, by the way),
acting as someone you are not is a clear invitation to stress,
unhappiness and soul-killing frustration

Here’s the thing,

Isn’t it more superior choice to create an abundant life while leading from a true place of authenticity?
That is powerful, courageous leadership.
Courageous because, like my diminutive client,
it calls for ruthless introspection.
It calls for appreciation of the specific natural communication
and leadership strengths that draw people to you.
And then, having the courage lead with those strengths.

My petite client turned out to be a powerful storyteller
(something I discovered she loved to do with her kiddos).
It was this ability we celebrated,
as well as physically bringing her out from behind the podium that was twice her size!
Like magic, she transported the audience by taking them on a transformational journey of one of their customers.
She had every person in the room enraptured.
She not only got the job done.
This little powerhouse knocked it out of the park.

You can, too.

Own the magnificence inside of you and the world will respond accordingly.”  SDR