My intention is to restore the integrity of the very word, “Authenticity.”  Over the last 15 years or so the poor thing has been dragged through marketing mine fields and misused by opportunists seeking to sell another online program.  So, it seems it is time to bring it back to glory.

The meaning of authenticity for me is to embrace my true and best self. To be truly authentic is to fully remember my perfect Design, reconnecting with my strengths and gifts, passions and embracing them fully.

I find, for myself and for my clients, who are mostly highly-driven, heart-centered leaders that staying true to the authentic self makes things easier.  From business decisions, to marketing messages to self-care and even food choices the “white noise” of possible choices in the environment seems to clear!

The most remarkable thing I have discovered in association with being true to my authentic self is; I attract the people and resources I am seeking almost effortlessly. 

I observe this with incredible gratitude, and at the same time, I feel the importance of sharing what I am experiencing so others may benefit, so…

Here are 5 common traits of truly authentic people who will radiate a charisma that cannot be denied. These characteristics show emotional maturity and seem to belong to human beings, most often found in leadership roles, that are functioning at full, or nearly full potential.

  1. Authentic people do not seek external validation. Travis Bradberry mentioned in Forbes: “Genuine (Authentic) people are who they are.  They know that some people will like them, and some will not.  And they are OK with that.”I remember reading a statistic that said, 10 percent of the people you meet in life will not like you, no matter what you do.    It took some practice, I admit, but when I eventually acknowledged that I had no reason to expend energy to please everyone, I felt incredibly free!
  1. Authentic people can express emotions clearly.  I have a young preschool teacher that assists me with my equine retreats, and she practices the naming of emotions with her kiddos in her class to help them regulate and appreciate what they are feeling.  Adults who are truly authentic maintain this practice.  Recognizing emotional patterns and labeling them allows the full appreciation of the “gifts” of anger, frustration, sadness and others.  From there it is possible to take decisive action based on values and not emotions.
  1. Authentic people are accepting of themselves and others. Authentic people listen intently with their mind as well as their heart. They usually consider themselves empathetic and will score high on tests of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).    Interesting research shows this may also contribute to their ability to earn up to $29,000.00 more annually than those who score low on emotional intelligence testing!  Acceptance of others may be enhanced by the sense of security in knowing oneself, and therefore seeing other opinions and lifestyles, for instance, as non-threatening.
  1. Authentic people are open to learning from their mistakes and, are even excited about the opportunity to “course correct” toward a big goal when an error is discovered. Rather than bury it, they examine the mistake, appreciate the blessings that come from it and even share the new wisdom with others.  This is one of the many qualities of the authentic person that qualifies them as a great leader.

  1. Authentic people have the ability to laugh at themselves, and at life, without hostility. They appear to not take themselves too seriously.    This makes perfect sense if one is totally in tune with their strengths, gifts and passions then there is little threat from outside influences.  Judgement of others matters little, so of course it’s easier to laugh when there is an unexpected flub in a presentation, or a trip on a sidewalk.  Little things that could derail a person who is not centered in their true self are mere moments of lightheartedness for those who observe life from their authentic core.  Authentic people also will avoid cruel humor that could be hurtful to others.  Their empathetic nature simply will not allow it.

These 5 things are just a few of the wonderful traits of the human who is living life from their authentic core:  Clearly honoring their natural gifts, strengths, passions and values with their actions and language.

Can authenticity be learned?  I believe it is easier to “remember.”  We were each born for greatness.  I believe by taking the time to uncover qualities that may have gotten dusty from non-use or abilities that were wrongfully (although often by well-meaning people) dismissed, true potential can be unbridled.

So stepping into authentic greatness may take some guidance; however, in time the path will be clear to remember how awesome you are!