Your Story isn’t Perfect.

That’s why it’s beautiful and powerful.

“We are drawn to the brokenness in each other.”

Words spoken to me by an acting coach when I was absolutely obsessed (wouldn’t admit it then) with trying to be “perfect.”

That focus on an unachievable state was not only hurting my career, (and bank account) but my life in nearly every aspect.

I wouldn’t take a step unless I could “look” good, and “do” well. Sound familiar?

I played it safe and probably missed out on meeting some cool people, and having some great experiences. Heck… I wouldn’t even walk into a room of strangers unless I was attached to someone I knew could talk first in a crowd. I was too worried about what others would think of me. Good grief. That was not a powerful time for me.  And, despite that discomfort, there was a silver lining:

The very thing that was messing me up, the “mess” of my stinking thinking , “I have to be better” is what I now share to encourage people to step out and shine… It’s that mess becoming the message, and that’s exactly what you can do.

It’s amazing to see how some of my most intimidating clients (It could be success, fame or physical attractiveness that makes them intimidating) suddenly become approachable when they tell about their struggles. They become instantly more trustworthy to their potential client or customer.

You can too. Trust allows hope. Hope motivates people to invest.

So, here’s 5 quick steps to create a structure for your story:

  1. Life was great.
  2. Something happened to change your life. An obstacle appeared.
  3. You found a way to remove or overcome the problem. What was it?
  4. You now have a way to share what you learned. Your product or service.
  5. Oh… and NO ONE can share it like you!

Pedal to the metal down the highway in search of an unreal destination can be exhausting! You cannot get to Perfection from here. The side roads are so much more rewarding. They make the journey worth sharing!


Sandra Dee Robinson specializes in helping experts share their story so they can emotionally connect with their desired audience. The media has labeled her,  “The Charisma Coach” She is a soap opera star, TV /Radio Host, Author, wildlife advocate and Founder of Charisma on Camera Presentation Coaching, and the new Charismatic Cowgirl Leadership Training.

 She authored, “IMPACT! Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence”