The quality of your life (and your business) is founded on the quality of your relationships. So it makes sense that with social media, our newest way of connecting (in our overall development as a species) should lead to an abundance of quality relationships.

So why do so many of us feel our social media is not supporting our live and business as we wish it would?

One reason, while nearly everyone is online but few have an actual identity online that works for them.

Tony Giordano, best selling author, Keynote speaker, Influencer, HGTV Real estate star shares tips from his book Social Agent 2.0 . here’s a few tips from our talk . Don’t overthink it

  1. Anyone who relies on getting the word out to build your business needs to have an online identity
  2. Many people learn social media from techies, but the applications don’t show how to build relationships ( the human side) . That’s what’s missing if your social media isn’t working for you.
  3. People want their hearts touched, they want to laugh, they want to get to know you
  4. Don’t “always be selling”
  5. Build quality relationships and remove the 6 degrees of separation. It takes time and intention, just like real life.

Watch the full unedited interview below.