Holiday Video for Business A holiday video, as part of your marketing campaign, is something you should jump on right now because:

  1. It’s current. The majority of those using social media are more accepting of visually stimulating marketing pieces and less attracted to written copy. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%!
  1. It’s shareable. When was the last time you shared a traditional Holiday Card?Yet marketing campaigns like John Lewis, “Man in the Moon” have been shared worldwide and viewed over 24 million times!
  1. It’s personal. This is an opportunity to show your company culture in living color with a creative story. Or give your office support team the leading role and utilize some humor to spread the cheer, like Spawforth’s 2015 video card
  1. It creates enrollment. Emotionally connecting with people can establish deep rapport. When a viewer feels that type of bond, they can be encouraged to take action, such as getting involved in an activity, even if the activity is a bit, well, against the grain, like REI’s “Get outside” Campaign :
  1. A holiday video (or any video) can be done within budget. The examples here are big money investments by large companies, but take holiday video inspiration from them. You can work within your budget to connect with your audience by telling a story, sharing your hobbies, making them laugh or getting sentimental.

What you will notice is that with each holiday video above, the promotion of products is subtle. Save the hard sell for another time; the most memorable campaigns are those that create a feeling viewers want to share with friends.

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