A new ending is possible.

I made this graphic today and chose this particular photo because it has a very significant meaning to me when it comes to creating a new ending.   This photo is a representation of my loyal dog,  Ginger’s usual style.. always by my side, keeping and eye and an ear on me.

It is the last photo of the two animals together.  Not long after this, This horse bolted at a thunder boom  and Ginger jumped to protect me.  She was killed by his kick.  It is a traumatic memory and it would have been easy to end the story of me and this horse by sending him away ( which is all I wanted for several weeks honestly).  I decided to give him a chance when he showed extraordinary concern and as crazy as it sounds, we had a most unusual moment that seemed to be an “apology.”  He has become so cautious around my new dogs, and in fact, if I call for Tala ( my puppy) and he is in sight, he will catch my eye, then look to where she is and “show me”. every time!

I recently completed another 15 week course for equine professionals working in therapeutic or coaching environments, and I was required to partner with one horse throughout the course.  I chose this horse.  ( And if you are wondering if that was a tough decision, it was).  I learned so much about forgiveness ( which I was already working on).  I also increased my patience, compassion and my skills of “listening” with all senses were greatly honed. Trust was the goal for me in this course with him, and I think we have done it. I know my Ginger would be good with this and I picture her still with us when we work.

More than just giving my relationship with this horse a new ending, I realize the traumatic event during the storm was a catalyst to bring me to another level of understanding of human behavior where I can help clients so much better. I am grateful.

 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson