I’d like to know where Hallmark World is.

Apparently it’s better than Disneyland.

Mother’s Day in Hallmark World, for instance, is a celebration of warm and fuzzy perfect parenting, unconditional love and support and endless memories of dress-up and tea parties.

In my world, though, my mother and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye, and at times I wonder how we could be related.  I am still incredibly grateful for the wisdom she has given me (even though sometimes it took me years to actually cultivate the lessons).

Despite our differences and tough communication at times, Mom’s have a way of helping us to develop our strengths and creating the pillars of our lives that will one day support our dreams.

We all have a Mom, and even if ours was not exactly Mrs. Brady we have learned so much from the one that brought us into this world.  Below are just three of many statements of wisdom from my Mom that have materialized as great lessons in my life.  Enjoy.

  1. “Life is not that hard.” Told to me at twenty-something; at a time when I was thrashing through choices and wrestling with a decision of some seemingly great importance.

    Something I am concentrating on today is the acceptance of EASE into my life.  Why, so often do we choose to make things hard?  Why not accept the possibility that what we desire to achieve is already within our grasp, and by the very acceptance of it being so, we may experience it.  Experience EASE.
  2. Don’t listen to them, they are just jealous.” Told to me when I was being bullied in high school after my first modeling photos hit the local papers. It didn’t bring me any relief at the time, but it was mom’s only way she knew to be supportive.

    Years later, I appreciate the underlying lesson, which is consider the source.  If hurtful words or harsh criticism are directed at you, first, consider who’s words they are.  They are not yours and they are not God’s so, “return to sender”!

    Do not take ownership of painful words, because (this is the best part of the lesson) painful words belong to someone who choses to live in pain.  Choose to live in love, understanding and peace, and it won’t matter where those harsh words come from, they have nowhere to land!
  3. “You have the opportunity I never had.”  Told to me when I was accepted into an agency as a model.  My mom was always tall and thin, but never had the connections, encouragement or understanding of how to become a model (something she always wished she could do).  She succumbed as many do, to giving up on a dream.

    It’s sometimes easy to forget the opportunities we have around us everyday.  How much more good are we capable of doing for the world than our predecessors?

    Our technology today can spread our influence worldwide in a millisecond.  Sharing something as simple as a song, video or  blog post could save someone’s life, or encourage him or her to push on to greatness.

What can you do today that could make a difference?

What opportunities are you overlooking or taking for granted?

I’d love to know what lessons you’ve learned from your mom. I ‘d even like to know what actions you may take after reading my mom’s words of wisdom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms in the world.  (The real world, that is!)