Aries is the name of our handsome rooster on our ranch. The thing is, it was not our plan to have a rooster, at all.  We actually tried to avoid a noisy rooster and we bought “sexed” hens. Well, God surprised us with Aries, and we love having him.  Nothing reminds you that you are waking up in the country more than a rooster call!

Our Plan Set in Stone, or is it?

When in your life have you planned for something and maybe even trained for that thing, and then a door opened to another opportunity… sometimes in a completely different direction… that led you to more success and happiness than you had even envisioned?

There’s the other side of this too.  Sometimes we focus so much on what we think we should do or have, that we hold on too tight and strangle the opportunity that God may have for us for something even bigger and better than we imagined.

So this week…

This week, join me in considering what we might be holding on to a little TOO tightly and be open to other opportunities that may be blessings we have not even considered possible.  Our plan may be too small! Imagine that.

And, by the way, the change in direction may be an important part of your story that should be told!

Let me know if you have ever changed course in a surprising way!