You’re Worth It

“What you teach sounds great! Hey, we have a conference in two months, with a few thousand women.  Can you speak and sell people into a multi-day intensive of your own?”

“Absolutely!  Thank you!”

And so went the short conversation at a valet stand outside of a women’s conference that led to my first speaking opportunity with my own business. I was set!

Truth is, I had no talk!

I had no idea of what a two or three-day intensive could be.

I was just relieved that my newly-minted business cards didn’t stick together from the fresh ink as I handed him one!

I needed help,

And fast!

Immediately I called the only speaker coach I knew at the time. She assured me she could help:

Me, “Ok, Friday then?”
Her, “Yes.  10 am.”
Me, “(Pause) How… much is it?”
Her, “(No pause) $800 for the hour session.”
Me, “(Seemingly eternal pause, and a hard swallow) Are you offering any discounts?”
Her, “(No pause) No.  I’m worth it.”

Her words repeated in my mind in the silence that followed her statement.  (*that, by the way, is the best use of a deliberate pause).

“I’m worth it.”
“I’m worth it.”
“I’m. Worth it.”

I agreed to be her student on Friday.
And, in one hour, I had my signature talk and learned how to structure  more of them ( A gift I use to this day with my own clients).

Worth every penny.
NOT just because I had a talk, but
She demonstrated  how to own her worth.

There is no negotiating when someone says, “I’m worth it.”
It’s impossible to argue what someone thinks about their value.

The confidence behind those three words is persuasive.

Give it a try.

You’re worth it.

It’s my honor to assist with the pitching of your business so that you feel 100 % authentic, unwaveringly confident and powerful in your ask.  I know first hand just how much an outside perspective can transform results. I’m happy to have a conversation The world is waiting for what you’ve got! Grab a 15 or 30 minute spot