What do you do to get over a fear threshold? I’m talking about when you are starting something new. It could be a new business venture, a new relationship, even a new sport or moving to a new city. What do you do to move ahead?

The worst thing you can do is to succumb to fear and do nothing! I think we’ve all tried that. We now know it’s not the best plan.

I will want to seek advice from friends, mentors and coaches; while that’s a good thing, I now know there is one thing I must do first. I check in with God to make sure that the plan in my head is His plan.

I have learned, the hard way, His plan is ALWAYS better than my plan! It just works better.

If you have ever felt that you were circling around the same problem, the same mountain, you could say, and all the while you were saying, “but it seemed such a good idea!” Maybe it was not His idea, but just your idea?.

So, I regularly will go find a quiet place, usually outside and away from the beeps, the dings and the cell phone rings and just listen (that’s the tough part). I ask, “Am I where You want me to be?” Then I’ll just be quiet and listen. (Those two things are sometimes the hardest for us!)

Trust the answer will come!

What do you do? Share in the comments here!