It’s been raining all day, and for me rain can spark creative juices.

I’m taking a few seconds in between rain drops to spend with you and ask,

what sparks your creativity? 

So often we get stuck in cognitive patterns,  so knowing how to tap into our creative thinking is a great skill.    Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist… We are just challenged to remain so when we grow up!”

Creative expression can release the need to be “right”

If we draw, or paint something, it is our creative expression of that thing, so we cannot be wrong!  Austin Kleon wrote the book, “Steal Like an Artist” (great book) and he gets creative ideas in the shower, as many  of us do (makes sense, since studies show that mundane tasks can spark creativity, and for most people, showering does not require a lot of cognitive thinking!)  Austin keeps a dry erase marker in the bathroom, so he can immediately write the shower idea on a mirror before he forgets it!  Good one, right?

Another surprising thing I discovered about creative spark, is that it can be induced by aroma; Specifically the scents of rosemary, vanilla and cinnamon.

What is it that gets you into creative mode?  Do you knit, paint, write?  Maybe you do improv; a great way to tap into the possibility thinking, since the concept of improv is based on “yes, and…”  It’s positive and expansive thinking!

Share with me what you do to get unstuck from logic and raise the creativity level in your days!

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