Imagine… you’ve found your voice, lifted your confidence, and increased your influence. What would change for you?

I know that I’m not talking to an average person. I’m talking to brilliant, driven, hard-working leaders. You know that working harder is not the solution to take your business life to the next level. You want to leverage your mastery so you can spend time with those who you love and have more fun in your life! Some call this “building a legacy”. I just call this “my cowgirl life”.

Some of your struggles might be:

  • Your online presence does not honor you. You were not born with a selfie stick in your hand. You are brilliant, but those tech-creative things don’t come along naturally. You’re losing opportunities because you are not visible.
  • You have tried to market yourself but let’s face it, watching yourself on camera for more than a few seconds is disheartening.
  • You have worked hard and now you want to expand to the global economy. Not being on camera is not negotiable!
  • You daydream about being a rockstar on stage as a speaker or presenter and you can’t afford to be mediocre.
  • You want to attract high-end clients, partners, investors, and your brand image simply needs to represent you well.

If this sounds like you, then, you are in the right place!

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Marlene HolmquistIt ( the Living with Archetypes Branding Program) was surprising yet once I went through it I realized how much I was those things! I knew I was an artist, but the romantic part I didn’t see coming at all. It fit! It will help me in my future marketing. You can’t engage people if you don’t know who you are.

Marlene Holmquist “Cowgirl Designer”

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