Your Presentation Doesn’t Start with You

You may think, as most people do, that when you take the spot in front of the room that your presentation begins.

Truth is, your presentation doesn’t start with you at all.  It starts with your introduction.  It’s your real “first impression” on the audience that day.  We all know you don’t get a second chance to make a better first impression, right?

The problem is, 80% of the time, this does not go as well as it could.

Many speakers look at the intro as something to “get out of the way” before they take center stage.  In reality, your intro should be a perfect set up for you to start strong!

What a speaker introduction is NOT:

  • It is NOT just a list of your schools and degrees.
  • It is NOT just a history of your employment.
  • It is especially NOT a printout of your “about “page on your website. For so many reasons ( it’s a whole new article in itself).

Why are these things bad choices for most introductions?  Because, in simple human behavior, the audience members are looking for “what is in it for them?”  Your degrees do not actually alter their lives for the better, but your personal experience and passion can.  So:

What an awesome speaker introduction IS:

  • It is a chance to start to show the audience that you GET THEM. You know what they are experiencing (overwhelm, frustration, confusion, exhaustion, whatever it might be)
  • It should get them excited to meet you (speaking is building a relationship with the audience members)
  • It can start the initial conversation about why you are passionate about your work/ product/message.

A final practical tip, print your introduction (at least 2 copies), even if you’ve e-mailed it previously, in 14 pt font, double-spaced ( so even if your host forgets the reading glasses it’s all good!).

There is a lot of factors you cannot control as a presenter, so take every opportunity to control the things you can… from the very start!


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