Sometimes we get lessons on life from surprising sources…

We adopted a new pony named Coco into our herd this week. She is ridiculously cute and although I worry about her being so small, she is extremely confident and has been taking care of herself!  Animals can teach us a thing or two about getting through intimidating experiences.

Let’s think about what it means to be confident in horse world for a second; Little Coco is entering a new environment that she does not know, and will be forced to share the feed (hay) and shelter ( the barn) with folks that are 4 times her size and they may not always be friendly! Could be intimidating, but horses don’t live in story, like we do.

Oh, we can learn from them. Coco doesn’t get freaked out or mope around depressed if she is shoved away from the hay… she knows she s small, but she can out maneuver the big ones and she seems confident that she will get just what she wants in time. No drama.

We humans need to do more of that! When we have a situation, like let’s say, we take our small company into a corporation in the hopes of partnering with them. So often we live in the story of “what if” and worry that our company size will prevent us from succeeding, when really, we need to get some “Coco confidence” and just own all we are. Tell them why our small company is best for the opportunity. Let them know there is no one better than you!

When have you succeeded in what could have been an intimidating situation by showing your Coco confidence? Or, even, when did you wish you had? Maybe you wish for a “do-over”? Let me know…

Oh and there’s a special cameo of cuteness in the video to start your week off right 🙂