14 of the Most Powerful Women in History

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My eyebrows nearly connected with my hairline when I read that nearly all of the most powerful women in history had learned how to command horses. Cleopatra led a pair of horses from a chariot when she wanted to go out a view her vast land. Joan of Arc, commanded armies and conquered countries from her horse’s saddle. Even Margaret Thatcher gave Ronald Reagan advice on what to wear while riding with the Queen of England. And, in modern day, former Chanel CEO, Maureen Chiquet, said, ‘horse whispering’ made her a better boss.

Women start more businesses yearly than men.

Joan of Arc - Hermann Stilke

Women are holding more c suite positions and leadership roles in the communities as well. Women are working hard to be seen and respected in the business world and the tides are changing.

I know what you’re thinking… I don’t own a horse and horse riding lessons are for the elite and wealthy. Hmmm, exactly what I was thinking when I was first introduced to Equine Therapy.

Why do you think that is?

Why are horses associated with power, wealth, virility and confidence?

Is it a coincidence?

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in data– and the proof is in the profits, Lil Lady. Horses will teach you how to overcome any relationship challenge you are having. Even the most difficult ones you wrote off as failed.

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If you have the confidence to command a horse, you can command the entire free world or just get along with your over-bearing mom

I remember quietly, softly begging my mother to love me. When her criticism drowned out my requests, my authentic-self shrank and I literally played the role of anyone other than myself for decades. Today, people introduce me as, Sandra Dee, she was on your favorite soap opera. As a Hollywood actor, I know the various and vast numbers of pressures and expectations that are placed on women in leadership roles. The choice to lead authentically or as an imposter was one I had to make every day.

“Thank you! I’ve found my voice! I’ve learned to deal with difficult people.”

~ Wendy C. Business Coordinator

Getting on the Forbes 100 list is hard, building the relationships to get you there doesn’t have to be

The time is now for women to step into more leadership roles, command top dollar earnings and have effortless nurturing relationships.

Horses (Yes, Horses) taught me how to step into my leadership spotlight. I dropped ‘the act’ and became a caring entrepreneur who sets boundaries –who masters her time and well-being.

When you work alongside these magnificent animals, you will discover a way of being that has either helped you or hindered your journey this far.

How long has it taken you to get where you are today? Ten years in your industry? Twenty years of challenging yourself daily to move to the C-Suite?

How much have you invested to start your business? Grow it? And profit? And, you still dream of the day when you can have relationships with your team members that excite and empower you. You keep telling yourself when you make the a million dollars you’ll be happy. When you retire, your relationship will get better.

I hate to break it to you sister, but the money doesn’t come until you’re ready to receive it. And, tomorrow is not promised!

That’s why I started Unbridled Awakening.

“I’ve had such a revelation! Sometimes you have to lead form the front, but others, we lead from the back, then remember to back off and let them fly! I’ve been working too hard!”

~ Megan C.  Global Chief Communications Officer

In Unbridled-Awakening, You will:

  • Build your trust in your “gut” in your decision-making process.
  • Have more powerful conversations even when you feel intimidated.
  • Confidently and unapologetically ask for what you want.
  • Remove hidden blockages that are keeping you from receiving what you need.
  • Face fears that are inhibiting your life and business.
  • Learn to practice the power of being present.

Your life of abundance is built by opportunities that come through people (relationships) and these opportunities for increase are recognized by a focused and ready mind. In this program we help to create awareness (Awakening) of how we each approach relationships in work and life, and how we can enhance our skills in this area as well as keep our mind completely aware in the moment.

Call it “horse sense” but nature can offer us insight that is so obvious and simple that sometimes we miss it.  Our overzealous minds complicate relationships, but if you ever have worked with a horse as an equine partner, you know there is nothing but presence and truth powering that relationship.   In the chaos of our modern, technology driven lives being present sometimes seems impossible, and how do we know what truth is… hello, “fake news?”

“It really has been an awakening for me to tune back into my intuition, remembering to ask and how to ask for what I need, listen so I can receive, and naming my fear keeps it more manageable.”

~ Gretchen K Kaveney, CEO Profit Plus

Now you can ask for higher fees, more support or whatever you want with the easiness of asking for a glass of water

40 days to Better Leaderships Skills, Healthier Relationships and Bolder Confidence, Through Nature’s Principles

  • This is a LIVE, interactive training. Six weeks, six modules, weekly virtual group meetings with me, Sandra Dee via ZOOM for 1 hour. Just click on a link, open your webcam, easy!
  • Emphasis on Life Application of the natural components that we experience with the horses.
  • These are exact modules that I share with my private clients, but you’ll experience them for a fraction of that cost, PLUS you have the accountability of the group, the supportive feedback from me as well as like-minded women, AND a private Facebook group for interaction and feedback between meetings!
  • Your investment is just $347. 

 That’s less than $60.00 a week!  (Crazy, I know)
  • If you hired a money mindset coach to stop you from repelling money, it would cost you $250/hour.
  • If you hired a life coach to teach you how to set boundaries and improve confidence, it would cost you $2000 per seminar.
  • If you trained with the best leadership advisors on how to build productive teams and increase sales, you would spend more than $10,000!

You can gain all of these benefits from in one Unbridled Awakening Program for $347.


  • You don’t have to walk on fiery stones to face your fears
  • You don’t have to read 100 books on courage and authenticity to build trust in your intuition
  • You can learn to ask for what you want powerfully
  • You can have relationships that motivate, inspire and empower you

Unbridled Awaking is for you if…

  • You are a leader in your business, community or family and you feel you should have achieved more in your life by this point.
  • You are an entrepreneur and have wanted to raise your prices and you don’t know why it’s so hard for you to just change the numbers in your contract.
  • You want people in your life to respect and trust you, but setting boundaries has never been your strong suit.
  • You are getting results, but at the end of the day you are exhausted.
  • You keep attracting the same problematic people in your life and wonder why things never change.

Start your transformation for less than $9 a day (that’s less than we spend for a couple of hot dogs at the mall)

Why am I doing this? Well, I love what I do, and my mission is to empower women to make a conscious decision to lead with their feminine power and embrace their natural strength. Compassion and empathy are our assets not our liabilities!

Do I look familiar?

Sandra Dee RobinsonIf I look a little familiar that’s because I’ve been a regular on daytime television for more than two decades with leading roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and now the Emmy-nominated series The Bay. Most people assume that confidence comes naturally for a soap opera star, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I could be happy with the success I had achieved and accept this limitation, or I could dig deeper and uncover what it was that held me back from making the biggest impact possible.

I began a seven-year journey working with industry experts to learn where performance anxiety originates. Along the way I discovered how to transform any level of discomfort into confidence that creates a sense of “owning your space” when speaking to an audience of thousands or a single person. I am master certified in a number of presentation and communication techniques.

What began as a personal journey has now become my life’s work. I am honored to be your coach, as well as a consultant and speaker for many high performance companies, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities and well-established experts that want to discover their own powerful personal presence.

My experience as an actress, my work with animals and my studies with communication experts have put me in tune with how to effectively communicate so that others take the actions I want them to take.

Miraculous transformations have happened in 40 days and 40 nights!

I’m not promising you’ll walk on water.

This program is all about asking for what you want and receiving what you need as a leader while remaining in your natural feminine strengths … this is your superpower.

By joining this group, you are part of a bigger vision. 

Your time is now. 

 So let’s get you going!