Find your freedom to live abundantly by stepping into the Unbridled Life Experience

If you desire to create a life of purpose, meaning in your work, and richness in your relationships as well as your bank account, then you are in the right place!

You’re invited to my Unbridled Life Experience!

This intimate coaching environment is designed around you, and what you need most to be empowered to live your best L.I.F.E.

  • Leadership – Step into the type of leader you were born to be and develop a mindset in which you lead yourself first, always.
  • Influence – Proudly display your own clearly defined personal brand, and implement proven strategies to create a positive impact in your family, community, and world around you.
  • Faith – Absolute belief in your own destiny, as well as your trust in a higher power.
  • Expression – Uncover secrets of authentic expression so your connections are healthy and can support you. After all, prayers and dreams are most often answered through people!

After coaching and mentoring success-driven entrepreneurs and professionals for the past 10 years, I realized there were four pillars that supported all of my most dynamically transformed clients: Leadership, Influence, Faith, and Expression (L.I.F.E.).

Whether they were conquering fear of the camera or the stage, finding the inner strength to lead their movement, or manifesting the courage to overcome any self-doubt holding them back in their business or life goals, success and abundance appeared when these four elements of their life were built strong as stone and faithfully maintained.

Go from procrastination to determined action.
From scattered to focused
From isolated to supported
From uncertain to championed!

Who is this for?

For years I have worked successfully with a huge variety of business-owners and experts, coaches and consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, charity founders and celebrities. No matter what field you are in, if you desire to create a positive impact in the world while building abundance in your own life, then you are a great fit. If you desire to feel that freedom that comes from fearlessly sharing your message, because your passion and belief is your foundation, then you are in the right place! These are the themes that link the members of the community surrounding the Unbridled LIFE ideals.

If the idea of removing self-doubt and feeling unrestrained in the pursuit of your goals sounds yummy… then don’t wait to join the Unbridled LIFE Experience.


We meet in 12 personal live group sessions in a warm and supportive
virtual environment.

Worksheets are given to aid and track your progress.

Notebooks are provided to encourage expression and prompted writing.

Bonus aids are offered throughout the program.

Group support and hot seats are assured each time we meet.

Expect “Homeplay” exercises to implement the learnings and create new thought processes that lead to transformation.

Personal Brand assessment and guidelines are offered to clearly apply your brand promise in your outward messaging.

Relationship and communication skills are developed to handle difficult people as well as high-risk conversations.

Experience the power of group feedback… mastermind at it’s root meaning!

Hey, I know your time is beyond valuable, and often seems scarce — and I strive to honor that. Even though I can’t give you more hours in your day (wouldn’t that be great?!), I did design any assignments outside of our weekly meetings to be completely manageable and efficient, when performed as instructed.

If you honor the live meetings and the work, the program will give you results that are life changing. I’ve seen it. I believe it.

If you plan on attending infrequently, or treating this program as a networking opportunity only, then this course is probably not for you. Participants are invited after an interview process, so the group is designed to be supportive as possible.

It is actually an important part of the leadership pillar to be supportive of others, and this group holds that expectation for every member. Show up, speak up and hold up others when they need it! (We all need it at some point when we are kicking self-doubt to the curb!) This is a space of non-judgment and personal growth.

If you are seeking someone to help you awaken your gifts, to champion your desires, to help you achieve clarity, and to inspire and support you as you transform your career, your goals, your relationships, and your life, then stepping into the Unbridled Life Experience is the right move.

Interested in finding out more?

Let’s book a clarity call. This is a complimentary strategy call so I can get to know you and your dreams a bit better. It’s not a pressured sales call – I personally hate that. I’m not here to sell you; I’m here to serve you!

I’d love to know what is working for you in your business and life, and what you desire to improve. Then we will compile a strategy for support together. If you desire, I’ll explain specifically how the Unbridled Life Program can clear your path to the goals you desire in less time and with less effort than on your own.

Space is intentionally limited so schedule your Clarity Call today.

What I walked away with was an understanding of who I am and what I bring to this world, and that is priceless. If you are ready to up your game, if you are ready to change the world if you are ready to stand your ground and be confident in your message then this is the woman that you need.  I promise you, that it is the best investment you can make in your life and career.  She rocks!

Felicia Scott, Speaker/Author/Executive Leadership & Public Speakin, winner of North America's Next Greatest Speaker 2012

It really has been an awakening for me to tune back into my intuition, remembering to ask and how to ask for what I need, listen so I can receive, and naming my fear keeps it more manageable.

Gretchen K Kaveney, CEO Profit Plus

Sandra’s comforting and nurturing coaching will immediately put you at ease.

You will soon find yourself speaking with a renewed energy and focus.

iDalis De Leon, CEO iDBroadcast Media Consulting

I came to Sandra after a long, weird period of commitment.  Responsibilities were lifting, I had started to get in shape, and I felt a crack in the window of opportunity to make a move on shaky legs toward a business idea I had played with for a long time.

I was uber-picky about selecting a coach.  I wanted someone real, someone with the interest and stamina to hear me “process” my story and guide me in streamlining my early business concept.  Sandra Dee gave me these things plus ideas, great questions, and validation, which I desperately needed.

I now feel great about Project Confidante and its relevance in the marketplace. I look forward to working again with Sandra as communication opportunities become more sophisticated and our brand visibility develops.

Maureen Pagano, Project Strategy Coach at Project Confidante