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Recent Blog Posts

Communicating Without Words

If tomorrow you awoke to a world without words… what would you do? Panic, perhaps. How will you work? How will you ask to buy food? Can the very basic human needs be met if we are without language?

You’re Worth It

“What you teach sounds great! Hey, we have a conference in two months, with a few thousand women.  Can you speak and sell people into a multi-day intensive of your own?” “Absolutely!  Thank you!” And so went the short conversation at a valet stand outside of a women’s conference that led to my first speaking opportunity with my own business.

Three ways to use Nature’s Rhythm to Remedy a Stressed Mind

Rhythm as a Stress Reducer? You may automatically think of turning up the volume on your favorite playlist, and that’s a common way to shift your mood, for sure! But there’s another channel you could “tune in” to that might provide longer lasting relief.