Thank You!

I am so glad you will be joining me on Thursday, January 11th at 12 noon Central time / 1 pm Eastern time (find your time zone here).
I’m committed to helping you free yourself from the constraints of overwhelm that can be intensified even more at this time of year!

My motivation for offering this class is simply to keep you from having to go through what I did.

I had always thought that the harder I worked the more successful I’d be. That was what I thought was a good work ethic…
I discovered I was a little off on that.
I kept such long hours and pushed myself so hard,
I lost touch with my friends and at the same time
began feeling more than exhausted.
Something was off.
Test results showed I was in serious danger of having a heart attack or stroke. What?
I was too young for that, I thought!
I had seen my father die from cardiovascular issues and I tell you;
that had me change my habits real quick.

I took an honest inventory of my daily activities and their effectiveness and
I changed my priorities.
This made me more productive by the way!

I avoided a crisis then…
but I still have to check in and keep myself in line…
it’s really easy to slide into overwork, overwhelm… it can be a slow fade sometimes,
I know.

I know you desire to have your life back… let’s reset on the 14th!

Let’s get some relief so you can enjoy the Peace and magic of this season… and be prepared to make 2024 the year you command chaos to take a back seat so you can flourish in your business… and personal relationships too.

Your state of mind is the foundation for success!

Let’s do this!

Watch your email for details of your upcoming masterclass access! We look forward to seeing you.

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