Our moms may have once said, “Don’t talk to strangers.”  I think we have taken that too far.

Listening to a podcast for the few minutes home from the gym today, I had an emotional reaction to a “throw away “comment from the guest on the show.  I know she didn’t think much about what she said, but it stuck with me like a spider web on a hot Texas summer day.

She was a SMS marketer (text messages) . A very smart girl, a millennial, and apparently excellent at what she does (love it or hate it, text message marketing, like pop ups on websites, work).

What got under my skin a bit was when she mentioned staying at Los Angeles hotel and being able to order Room Service by TEXT.  She thought this was brilliant, because “It was easy and I didn’t have to talk to a stranger, I hate that.”



At some point your best friend was a stranger.

You husband or wife was once a stranger.

Your mentor or coach was a complete stranger at some point.

The person that was the kindest to you outside of your family was once a stranger.

There are still a few people that don’t understand why I coach my clients to concentrate on natural communication skills and relationships as an integral part of becoming a leader in their business.  They look at “Soft skills” as of secondary importance.

Reality is, with the increase of AI, and new apps launched every day that literally keep us from engaging as human are naturally designed to do, Relationship skills and Human Connection are needed more than ever.  If you are leading your family, your team at work, or you are seeking more customers or clients you cannot underestimate this.

I know we won’t give up the technology that makes our lives easier, I certainly appreciate it, but I invite you to accept a small challenge:

How about instead of learning yet ANOTHER app on the phone this month, we try to become HUMAN again?  Talk to strangers.

An abundant life is not virtual.


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