Real-life coaching to power up your presence and confidence. This 1 month program reveals how to master the interview (from either side of the desk) and uncover the easiest way to master interviews to build your business and brand


  • A service-based business owner who is seeking to attract ideal clients and high level partnerships and build your business.
  • A product-based business owner who seeks to expertly shine in interviews on Podcasts or other media to make more sales.
  • An expert who desires to feel prepared and fearless to say yes to being interviewed to broadcast your brand and build your impact!

If anything sounds like you.. this is the right place!

After completing Selling Yourself on Camera you will have...

No. 1

Developed a set of captivating bullet points that will leave a lasting impression representing your business and brand in every interview.

No. 2

Proven techniques to settle into a confident and comfortable state that cannot be shaken no matter what happens in the interview!

No. 3

Stress free interviews with your media-friendly sheet for show hosts with suggested questions and introduction!

No. 4

A repurposing plan for your interview in ways that will continue to attract people to your business long after the broadcast is over!

What I always say about Sandra is that she is an unexpected blessing. You sign up and think that you are going to learn confidence in front of the camera, and technical things, and you get all of that and more. What I walked away with was an understanding of who I am and what I bring to this world, and that is priceless. If you are ready to up your game, if you are ready to change the world, if you are ready to stand your ground and be confident in your message then this is the woman that you need. I promise you, that it is the best investment you can make in your life and career. She rocks!”

Felicia Scott – Speaker/Author, winner of North America’s Next Greatest Speaker 2012

“Sandra is a great inspiration, and a wealth of knowledge when working on camera. I hired Sandra as an on camera coach, and her expertise and insight have been so helpful with my YouTube travel vlog. I cannot thank Sandra enough, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their on camera presence.

I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Sandra as she provided me with clarity in my messaging so that I can perform at a higher level. Her ability to navigate through language, emotion and what you want to achieve for yourself and those that you serve is her place of genius. Sandra is grounded and well versed as a branding expert and will enable you to step into who you are meant to be. Take the opportunity to engage her services and step into the world showing up as you.”

Kim Wilkin — Austin REALTOR® and Travel Expert

“Sandra Dee just helped me work through my prep for a TV shoot and she was so insightful! Her experience in front of the camera really shown through when giving me tips for rephrasing and gesturing, to really hone in my message so it is powerful and authentic. I truly appreciate her expertise and can’t wait to put her wisdom into play! Thank you, Sandra Dee!”

Sandi Mitchell — Certified EOS Implementer, Speaker, Executive Coach, Certified EOS Implementer, Speaker, Executive Coach

“Sandra is one of the most professional people I know! She will make you look great sound great and be the best you are! I’ve seen her do her magic with many and you’re in good hands!”

Jill Lublin — Master Publicity Strategist, First degree connection, Master Publicity Strategist, 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist | Committed to helping you find your voice and be heard


  • You’ll receive live virtual classes via zoom.

  • These one hour highly interactive virtual sessions ( using zoom) will include training plus time for mentoring, coaching and Q & A with Sandra Dee.

  • All classes will be recorded and available for you to download.
  • Classes will be 60 minutes long and held on Wednesdays at 10 am CT/11am ET.

Don’t settle for mediocre interviews

Enroll in “Selling Yourself on Camera” today and discover how to showcase your brand and business like a pro!


Module 1:

Envision your Success

  • Override all limiting thoughts
  • Set boundaries
  • Be camera aware
  • Build relationships for biggest impact

Module 2:

Choose Your Shows

  • Identifying the right opportunities
  • Identifying your ideal audience
  • How to pitch your self

Module 3:

Prepare like a Pro

  • Clarify your top 5 points
  • Create your 10 question suggestions
  • Why sound bytes?
  • Fearlessly adjust to last minute changes
  • Create an appropriate Call to Action

Module 4:

Make the Most of it

  • On set etiquette
  • The best follow up tactics
  • Easy repurposing of your interview
  • Host your own show



Insider tips from my friends in the media. Hear it direct from the people that book the guests and produce the shows!  This is the real talk.  What to do and what NOT to do!


Special Private interview with Streaming Producer and Pocast/TV host, Rich Bontrager. Get inside the host’s mind!  Secrets and tips to getting booked again and again.  Plus discuss what it takes to effectively you’re your own show! Complete with Q and A.


Sandra’s Book. IMPACT! Secrets to Powerful Presence.


OPEN CALL TIME. Halfway through the program take advantage of an hour of “open office” time with Sandra. Need accountability? Use this time for that. Or, come with anything you need clarity on from the course.


Discounted assessment of your video. Would you like feedback on an interview you’ve done? There’s no faster way to hone your skills than to sit directly with a positive-feedback coach that knows exactly what your goals are. During the course, these private review calls are greatly discounted for the participants.  My goal is to see you succeed as quickly as possible and while our group time is jam-packed, these private sessions can really accelerate your results.