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Have we lost faith in the largest social media giant?

Are FB Lives losing their luster?

If sites like, and report that one quarter of American Facebook users have deleted the app from their phone and well over 2.8 million users under 25 have left it altogether, it would seem that putting our marketing eggs in the Facebook basket might be a risky way to go.

Security issues cause some fear

Data beach is one of the top reasons people have left Facebook or share much less on the site.  According to a study done by Pew Research Center. Almost half of the users that have stayed have greatly decreased their time on Facebook, even staying away for days or weeks at a time. Weeks! Marketer’s red alert!

What does this mean for Facebook Live?  My personal experience: I have noticed my community has been less inclined to jump on a live video even when they are given advance notice. While response to e mails, new blogs and other social media posts have increased or stayed the same. That’s what prompted me to look for the research, and if our markets are on the Facebook app less often, and have deleted the app and notifications from their mobile device, that could explain the drop off.

So, to quit FB Lives or not?  Quitting cold turkey, maybe not, no need to leave the loyal followers in the cold. Plus, if you boost your video on Facebook, you are able to target the app subscribers who see it (assuming they are using it actively).

That said, perhaps it’s time to spread the wings a bit, and rely on the FB Live audiences a bit less.  More video on blogs, for instance. Traffic to your website is never a bad idea!

The bottom line for your bottom line:

Whatever you do, don’t give up on video and livestreaming… it’s the best way to gain trust and build that relationship with your audience that increases your influence and of course, your revenue.


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