Have you ever noticed
how quickly folks in line, at the airport, the grocery store
or the coffee shop revert to their phones?
In less than a few seconds nearly everyone
has the phone in hand and attention is glued to the screen.
I’m guilty of it!

The thing is,
studies show that we feel crappier after scrolling,
mostly due to the inevitable comparison
between friends’ “highlight reels” and how we see ourselves.

What if
there was an alternate practice
for the minutes in queue that could actually
program our mind to attract more of what we want?

Helping us to potentially get to our goals faster?

What if you treat those few minutes as a found gift
Where you can use your imagination
To create a world where you have reached a big crazy goal.
Take that gift of time and picture what it might look like,
Feel like,
If you had that goal achieved.

Might your very situation in the coffee shop be different?
Would you be equipped to purchase coffee for everyone behind you…
Or would you be pulling out that wallet you always wanted…
Where would you be headed to if it was a day in your future success world?

It’s fun,
But it also helps to visualize your future as if it’s already here.
The human mind is a powerful thing.
Those “found” minutes can help yours work for you!