If you are an entrepreneur or working within a company that allows you to market and brand yourself, then your story is the MOST important thing in your marketing tool box!

  • It will make you stand out in a crowd.
  • It will magnetize those to you that you most want to work with.
  • It influences the culture of your company and fuels your brand.

So why shy away from sharing it?

I have found there are four myths that you could be hiding behind. Any of these sound familiar?

  • My story isn’t unique.
  • My story isn’t dramatic enough.
  • My story is too ugly.
  • No one would listen to me. You may hear the voice in your head saying, “Why would anyone listen to me?”

Myth busting:

  • Your story IS unique because you are. Period.
  • Don’t compare your story to others. If a significant shift happened in your life, it’s dramatic, and impactful!
  • Make “your mess your message” if it is appropriate. It’s good to be a bit vulnerable so that people can understand that you “get” their struggle. Fear not. There is a method to sharing a painful story to create motivation and inspire others to action.
  • Your story is worth telling for all of the above reasons. If you can help one person by sharing it today, then that one person is changed for the better because of you. Who touches your heart? Find ways to get in front of that audience.

Sharing your story confidently and powerfully in front of the right audience can work wonders for your business and create an impact in your community as well. It will magnetize those perfect clients and affiliates to you!

It’s never too late to start, but why waste another day when you could be bringing in the right clients and more revenue? Enjoy telling your story. Enjoy your work. And ultimately enjoy your life!


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